RonnieLaGroneTeachingThe goal of MAP is to support and enhance arts education in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District.  To help achieve this, MAP grants funds to instructors and district staff to be used for music, fine arts, and performing arts projects throughout the school year.

MAP recently awarded over $10,000 in grants. The beneficiaries of these grants include two West Linn-Wilsonville District music programs, an elementary school art program and several high school music, theater and visual arts programs.

The Board strives to achieve parity between disciplines, programs, and schools when approving grant requests, however we also recognize that some programs may merit additional support in order to maintain a vibrant presence in the school and arts community. The board makes its decisions according to the following criteria:

  • The number of students to benefitWLHS Cinderella 2
  • The scope and impact of the project
  • Unique opportunities
  • Long-term value
  • Other likely sources for funding (PTO’s, community organizations, businesses, etc.)
  • Other education or investment values

MAP Grants may not be used for the sole benefit of any individual teacher or student. They may not be used to fund trips or pay teacher salaries, however they may be used to support in-service training opportunities that meet the above criteria.

For the 2014-2015 school year, MAP has awarded over $39,096 in grants to support music and arts in our district. These include concessions proceeds, hat donations, MAP and outside grants, scholarship and program specific donations. Here is where the money went:

  • Boeckman Creek Primary School- $4,909Stafford Music Program
  • Bolton Primary School – $1,832
  • Boones Ferry Primary School – $2,082
  • Cedaroak Park Primary School- $1,232
  • Lowrie Primary School- $2,322
  • Stafford Primary School- $405
  • Sunsest Primary School – $3,060
  • Trillium Creek Primary School- $3,092
  • Willamette Primary School  – $1,059
  • Three Rivers Charter School – $97
  • Athey Creek Middle School – $5,052
  • Inza Wood Middle School – $351
  • Rosemont Ridge Middle School – $75
  • Middle School Musical – $3,751
  • Primary School Strings – $50
  • Arts & Technology High School – $496
  • West Linn High School – $5,506
  • Wilsonville High School – $3,728