WLHS CinderellaMusic and Arts Partners began awarding scholarships to graduating seniors in the arts in June, 2000. Initially one scholarship at West Linn High School and one scholarship at Wilsonville High School were awarded. In 2000 and 2001, a joint WLHS Booster Club/MAP scholarship was awarded to outstanding “Arts & Athletics” graduating seniors.

In 2005, John and Mitzi Morris established the Morris Family Scholarships for WLHS graduating seniors—one from the Band program and one from the Theatre program. These were the programs in which their two children participated, and the two $1000 awards are based on need, using the FAFSA score or personal statements of need.

The Jon Ares Techie Excellence Scholarship was awarded in 2007 and 2009 to a WLHS graduating senior.

WLHS Into the Woods 1MAP annually awards multiple scholarships of varying amounts up to $1000 each, for graduating seniors at Art-Tech HS, WLHS and WHS. The Scholarship Committee, comprised of MAP members, parents and teachers, selects the recipients based on:

  • Participation in arts activities—active involvement and extra-curricular activities;
  • Plan to attend a college or technical school during the next year (to pursue a course of study in any area, not necessarily related to the arts);
  • Demonstration of outstanding citizenship and a strong, positive role model for others;
  • Promotion of the visual, performing and/or technical arts programs through his/her participation and has been a mentor for peers in the program;
  • Demonstration of self-motivation in the arts and that the arts are a large part of his/her identify.

WLHS Into the Woods 3Applications are available at www.musicandartspartners.org/resources/ (under Resources), or at school Career Centers, and should be returned there by the stated deadline. In addition to the application, two recommendations, a one-page essay describing/outlining how the arts have made an impact on the applicant’s life thus far and how they will be a part of college, career or life plans.  2017 applications are due Thursday, April 13th.

A total of $68,800 in scholarship awards has been presented through June of 2015.




MAP Scholarship Recipients

2000Nathan LeRudWLHS$500
Drew RandsWHS$500
Sara WeihmanWLHS - Arts & Athletics$500
2001Kyrstyn PixtonWLHS$1,000
Erin BerningWHS$1,000
Laurel AndersonWLHS - Arts & Athletics$1,000
Sarah SpearWLHS - Arts & Athletics$1,000
2002Shirley HuntWLHS$1,000
Brian Wattman-TurnerWHS$1,000
2003Holly HerediaWLHS$1,000
Laura SchalkWHS$1,000
Heather DeWigWHS$100
Katie GrooverWHS$100
Holly RandsWHS$100
2004Mike McClellanWLHS$1,000
Rhea EdelmanWLHS$300
Ashley BrothersWLHS$200
Meghan WilsonWHS$1,000
Keaton JoynerWHS$200
Leah ClarkWHS$150
David OchsWHS$150
2005Liana HochhalterWLHS$1,000
Alexandra GeffelWLHS$500
Abe KislevitzWHS$1,000
Betsy YatesWHS$500
Linda BrestWLHS - Morris Band$1,000
Jack MesplayWLHS - Morris Theatre$1,000
2006Kristopher KollWLHS$1,000
Sarah BernertWLHS$500
Jacqueline HammWHS$1,000
Mary OchsWHS$500
Linda BrestWLHS- Morris Band$1,000
Jack MesplayWLHS - Morris Theatre$1,000
2007Heather WallaceWLHS$1,000
Elizabeth FarrellWLHS$500
Ashton WesnerWHS$1,000
Brittany FarrellWHS$500
Cole FialaWLHS - Jon Ares Techie$500
Elizabeth DietzWLHS - Morris band$1000
Marta HansonWLHS - Morris Theatre$1,000
2008Max BlairWLHS$1,000
Anna KollWLHS$500
Jay MeyersWHS$1,000
Anais KeenonWHS$500
Nick HamelWLHS - Morris Band$1,000
Georgina CohenWLHS - Morris Theatre$1,000
2009Andra SturdevantWLHS$1,000
Ryan NesbitWLHS$500
Kristin OlsonWHS$1,000
Stuart LakeWHS$500
Corbin WestcottWLHS - Jon Ares Techie$500
Matt KirschWLHS - Morris Band$1,000
Hanni HansonWLHS - Morris Theatre$1,000
2010Michael BiancardiWLHS$1,000
Jessica ShuholmWLHS$500
Ryan StathosWHS$750
Caitlin KoeroghlianWHS$750
Dylan HinrichsWLHS - Morris Band$1,000
Alexandra MinkWLHS - Morris Theatre$1,000
2011Georgia MugglWLHS$750
Samantha IngWLHS$750
Ethan CrystalWHS$750
Elise SchalkWHS$750
Sierra BangsWLHS - Morris Band$1,000
Anna StapletonWLHS - Morris Theatre$1,000
2012Brooklyn CochranWLHS$750
Kendall WeierichWLHS$750
Daria LambersonWHS$750
Christopher LundriganWHS$750
Arianna RobinWLHS - Morris Band$1,000
Ashley WelpWLHS - Morris Theatre$1,000
2013Oliver MuggliWLHS$750
Dana RostWLHS$750
Matthew GarciaWHS$750
Lauren SalgadoWHS$750
Melissa CozziWLHS - Morris Theatre$1,000
2014Nathan WeierichWLHS$750
Arun GulatiWLHS$750
Kylie WhittakerWHS$750
Justine CohenWHS$750
Courtney MummaWLHS - Morris Band$1,000
Anna GilmourWLHS - Morris Theatre$1,000
2015Madison CochranWLHS$1,000
Ellie JonesWLHS$1,000
Hayley RousselleWHS$1,000
Anne-Marie WielandWHS$1,000
Jordan M. BattersbyWLHS - Morris Theatre$1,000
Charlene KeaWLHS - Morris Band$1,000
2016Soren CarrWLHS$1,000
Emily HamelWLHS$1,000
Brooke Lords
Jennifer RyuWHS$1,000
Conor EganWLHS - Morris Band$1,000
Abbie StoutWLHS - Morris Theatre$1,000