The Arts and Music faculty and staff in our district are a dedicated group of people, instructing and encouraging our kids in the visual and performing arts. We are inspired by their hard work and dedication. If you would like to contact them, you can email them by clicking on their name below.


Athey Creek Middle School

Art Teacher – Amber Sprague
Band Teacher – ArthurLaura
Orchestra Teacher – Georgia Muggli
Choir & Drama Teacher – Barb Vardanega


Boeckman Creek Primary School

Music Teacher – Ericka Uribe
Strings Teacher – Nathan Givens


Bolton Primary School

Music Teacher – James Compton


Boones Ferry Primary School

Music Teacher – Andrew Webster


Cedaroak Park Primary School

Music Teacher – Genevieve Stevens-Johnson
Strings Teacher – Nathan Givens

Inza School Entrance Photo

Inza R. Wood Middle School

Art Teacher – Jennifer Cerasin
Band Teacher – Allison Bonn-Savage
Choir & Orchestra Teacher – Allison Lee
Choir & Drama Teacher – Joseph Ulibarri


Lowrie Primary School

Music Teacher – John Hillan
Music Teacher – Sean Cunningham


Rosemont Ridge Middle School

Art Teacher – Lisia Farley
Band Teacher – Ronnie LaGrone
Choir Teacher – Kay Elliott
Music & Orchestra Teacher – Myriam Gendron-Dupont


Stafford Primary School

Music Teacher – Sean Cunningham


Sunset Primary School

Music  Teacher – James Compton
Music Teacher – Erika Uribe


Town Center School

ArtTech High School
Art Teacher – Ben Whitcomb
Music – Matt Whitehead


Trillium Creek School

Music Teacher – Kelly Myers


West Linn High School

Art Teachers – Diane Gauthier & Marianna Garvey
Band & Jazz Band Teacher – Kevin Egan
Orchestra & Jazz Band Teacher – Georgia Muggli
Choir & AP Music Theory Teacher – Barbara Fontana
Photo/Film/AP Art Studio Teacher – Ann Breyne
Acting & Theatre Arts Teacher – Steven Beckingham
Performing Arts & Tech Coordinator – John Ares
Perform. Arts Bldg Coordinator – Annie Kaiser
Film & Technical Arts Teacher – Wind Lothamer
Journalism & Yearbook Teacher – Glenn Krake


Willamette Primary School

Music Teacher – Katharine Washington


Wilsonville High School

Art Teachers – Christopher Shotola-Hardt & Angennette Escobar
AP Studio & Tech. Art Teacher – Judy Morris-Green
Photo & Tech Arts Teacher – Charles Hyman
Band/Orch/Guitar & Music Theory Teacher – Chad Davies
Choir Teacher – Sue Schreiner
Drama/Film/Yearbook Teacher – Jason Katz
Drama & Theatre (outside school day) – John Fitzgerald